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Episode 3 - Truckin' Empty Episode 3 - Truckin'

Post  Jabba on Sat 24 Jan 2015, 10:53

Farleez Jurnaal

I met them during my last run to Almart. It was supposed to be a simple job - plenty of barter and minimum risk, but nuthin's ever simple here anymore.

It was Waters I saw first. Everyone knows Waters - and there he was, caught in my lights at the end of the street with some wild gunlugger and that kid that fixes stuff. That's when the millions tried to get in. I brushed 'em off as usual, then some battlebabe starts takin' shots at me. What the frak?

So this Keeler guy (he's pretty handy with a rifle) starts takin' em out, and gets himself in a mess of trouble with the millions...but these guys are able to make the damned freaks step back. Some nice tech here - and the girl can fix my wheels...

So Waters has half killed another hardholding? Guy is a dangerous liability...hard to get to know...but everybody knows him, and his reputation. Tells me Jeanette is gone and rips open the package. Old tech, but must be worth something cuz the kid is all over it. They want passage to the alderran system the library...but that's dangerous...maybe as far as Clarion (and Shazza - she ain't gonna be pleased about Jeanette).

Getting in is easy...but Waters...well he knows Shazza and insists on an 'audience'. Also negotiates some power for the JeePeeEss. Damned fixers...make me afraid to leave my wheels.

So it's cool being here an' all, but then Waters is all like...'we gotta get outta here'. SH1t man, what have you done now? I ain't even been paid yet.

Luncho, koos lee-at nigh!

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